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AHBA weekend   October  2022

last weekend we participated in the AHBA trials at
JJ ranch. Jax had two duck runs and two sheep runs in Level III, all four runs were qualifying.

so Jax now also has his HTAD3d title

in trial 1 jax was High Combined!

Jos also had runs with Rival, both sheep runs in level II went well! and gave rival two qualifying scores + his HTAD2s title!

The Monday after the trials there was an opportunity to train with cows. Jax tamed the fresh beef cows (that had never worked with dogs before).

Training with Rival   JuLY  2022

Since last year Jos has been training now and then with Rival, a very charming Beaceron (french shepherd).

The goal was to do an AHBA instinct-test together, Rival found this very boring and turned out to have more fun in the real work, since then we run an ASCA or AHBA trial every now and then.

In the past year, Rival has already achieved the ASCA STDs and the AHBA sheep level 1 titles! We are now training to also get a title with the ducks and cattle.


Farmtrialweekend   June  2022


Last weekend we participated for 2 days during the ASCA farmtrial weekend, organized by the DWAS.

On Thursday, Jax achieved his AFTDm with a qualifying score of 98 points. that afternoon we got 110.5 points from the cattle. On Friday we got a score of 101 point on cattle and a nice 111.5 on the mixed.

march 2022

Post from Texas!


it took a while, but the certificates of last fall's trials have arrived!



march 2022

working cattle!


last weekend we worked cows again in Olderberkoop!because of the beautiful weather we were able to work outside!

Jax tamed the fresh cows before the training started.


The last trial this year!


We had only registered for the farm trials. Sheep, ducks and cows on Wednesday and 2 mixed farm trials on Thursday.


Jax still needed an advanced catle run and an advanced duck run, both were qualified and with that he also earned his AFTDd and AFTDc titles!!


On the sheep we had a fourth place with a nice score of 120.5 points!


One of the mixed farm trial was qualified and one did not.


It was a very nice weekend, with good weather and lots of nice people! We know what to work on for the next trials, next year.

ribbons ahba 2021.jpg

AHBA trials at JJ Ranch

From August 11 to 15, the DWAS hosted some AHBA trials at the JJ ranch. From Friday, August 6, we already camped in the yard to build up the courses and to help tame the Cattle with Jax.


For Jax these were his first AHBA trials, we signed up for the HRD, the HTD and the HTAD (all in level 3). On Thursday we qualified all four HRD runs, we became 1x first, 2x second and 1x third. In addition, we won the High in trial (cow run of 93 points!).


We hadn't practiced enough for the field trials, the step from the Arena to the big field turned out to be just a bit too big. yet we qualified 1 of the sheep runs (Level 3).


On the Saturday we achieved two qualifying scores on the sheep arena trial.


So Jax got his HRD3s HRD3c and HTAD3s titles this weekend!!

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-14 om 20.11.13.png

july 1-4 2021
Farmtrials and trials at hoornsterzwaag
Last weekend we finally had the first trials of this year.
We did all the farm trials with Jax on Thursday and the F course of the stock trials on Friday.

At the farm trial we ran for the first time in the advanced class with the cows and ducks (jax already has the advanced title on sheep).

We got a decent qualifying score
on all three runs!!

But actually the fun around the trials
and seeing each other again after a year
without trials was the best thing
about this weekend!


april 3

Easter weekend


Normally we are at the jj ranch all weekend for the Anual Bootcamp during the Easter weekend.

Unfortunately that could not continue this year either. despite that we were able to train with cows for a day.


that was a while ago but jax did very well!


photo by Brenda velthuis Letteboer

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-19 om 12.50.22.

October 18



Sunday October 18th Jos and Jax participated in the farmtrial in Hamminkeln.


Our run didn't go quite as planned, Jax was very rushed and pushy. Despite that, we still managed to get the sheep around the course.

The run gave us a 4th place in advanced and a qualifying score of 117.5 points!


With that, jax has won his first AFDT title!





We started the September trials with a day of farm trials, the duck and cow runs at Open level, the sheep at Advanced level.


We Qualified all 3!  The sheep run yielded a nice 116 points, the ducks 99 points and the cow run 114 points.

On Sunday we ran 6 more runs on the D course during the regular stock trials. 5 of them were qualifying.

August 14

WTCH !!!

Today another great day at the jjranch!


We had advanced runs Cattle and ducks, trying to finish and we succeeded!

The 4 qualifying scores make Jax WTCH!


August 13

Farmtrial at JJ-Ranch

The first trial day at the jj-ranch is over! A very hot day with sheep-, duck- and cattle farmtrials.

Jax got three nice qualifying scores of 118, 115 and 120 points !!


That not only gave us the first place in cattle (OFTD) but also the ribbons for high catle and high combined!

july 2020

post from New York!

today we received mail from Therion, New York.

Jax his dna has been compared to his parents, as expected he got the DNA-VP!


march 2020

ECVO & HD + ED photos


last week we received the results of the HD and ED photos.

The hips are rated with an HD A and the elbows are free !!

The ophthalmologist has assessed the eyes during an ECVO, Jax's eyes are free on all points.

16 februari 2020

Indoor training


Despite the heavy rain and strong wind, we were able to train with Cattle today, thanks to the beautiful indoor location in Olderberkoop!


20 october 2019

first trial abroad


Today we had our first trial abroad. A farmtrial sheep was held in Hamminkeln in Germany.


Jax was not bothered by the trip, the strange environment and other sheep and got a nice qualifying score of 113.5!

27-29 september 2019

Got All the Open Titels And the First Advanced titel!


Our goal for the September stock trials was to get all open titles.

on Thursday we qualified 5 of the 6 runs! on the four open runs we finished in first place, all with nice qualifying scores.


Because we already had a qualifying open run on sheep, we were able to do the second run in advanced. that run was also qualifying and yielded a nice fourth place!

on thursday Jax won 'the High Combined non wtch' !


On Saturday we also qualified a sheep run in advanced, so beside the OTD's on sheep, cattle and ducks JAX also got his ATDsheep!


26 september 2019

won both Farmtrials!


Wednesday 25 September Jax has won both of the Open Farmtrials (mixed) !! Both runs with a nice qualifying score!


september 2019

JAX in the ASCN Calander 2020


the ASCN (Australian Shepherd Club of the Netherland) used

two pictures of Jax on the 2020 Calander! 

9 juni 2019



On the Sunday we registered a number of runs as a back-up for Saturday's started runs.


Because we already qualified all started runs on Saturday, we were able to compete in the open class on Sunday.


we managed to qualify three of the six runs: 1 sheep run, 1 duck run, and a cow run, some of them with nice scores!


A duck run with a score of 102 and a sheep run with a score of 109 !


8 juni 2019

All runs Qualified!

Today we had a great day with Jax on his first ASCA Stocktrials, at the JJ-ranch in Hoornsterzwaag. 

Qualifying scores on all six runs! of which four times as first and twice as second.

so from today it is Juwes Gregal (JAX) STDs STDd STDc


may 2019

Bootcamp at JJ-ranch !

during easter we spent the entire weekend in Hoornsterzwaag at bootcamp, organized by JJ-ranch. Jos and Jax have trained with sheep, ducks and cows.


Jax could also get used to spending the night in the camper-van, in preparation for the upcoming trials.


march 2019:

Jax on homepage!

from February 2019 the ASCA used a photo of Jax on their homepage:

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-15 om 16.01.04.
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